PETITKINI is a range of soft, seamless, micro cut bikinis made from luxurious Italian fabrics. These bikinis have been designed to accentuate beautiful curves as well as achieve your most desirable tan lines. The seamless design and soft buttery lycra works together to create a small bikini that still provides enough coverage and comfort to wear on all occasions. 

 Pronounced = peh-tee-kee-nee  

French Translation =  small - kini 

 Imagine your perfectly shaped tan lines after a glorious day under the hot sun. 

This bikini WILL be your go-to whenever you spend time in the sun and don’t want to get weird shaped tan lines that scare you every time you take your clothes off.

Start working on those sexy tan lines girl, all you need is your Petitkini & Sunshine!


Designed by Australian swimwear model and sun worshipper Raquel Petit for all other bona fide sun goddesses out there looking for the Ultimate Tanning Bikini. 



 “ I was always wearing tiny bikinis so I could get the best possible tan but I got so over wearing little bikinis that were not good quality and went see through whenever I went swimming.

This pretty much lead me to design my very own line of high quality minimalistic tanning bikinis that I could still wear to the beach and pool party events without feeling tacky.

After sourcing the most amazing quality Italian lycra and perfecting the design to shape and contour the body, I have never had to wear another bikini again.

I love my PETITKINI & hope you do too! ” 





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